Spiramid provides Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) software to government agencies and some of the largest corporations around the world. Spiramid provides an EHS solution for collecting and managing environment, occupational health, industrial hygiene, and safety information. Our modular EHS software is best in functionality, adaptability, integration, and customization at every level and use. Our easy-to-use platform offers disability management, incident tracking, medical reporting, data exchange, risk management software, environmental compliance, and much more.


Spiramid is a Leader in EHS Software Development

Our EHS software system was one of the first enterprise applications built in 1996. Since then, Spiramid has migrated the EHS software application to a web based application that serves users in many countries around the world. We are continually adding features and looking for the best technologies to ensure we offer our clients the best solution in the market.

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Spiramid was formed in December 2001 by the management team that developed and supported the application since its birth at Oracle in 1996. Spiramid operates on a positive cash flow. There are no loans, venture capital or other outstanding financial contributors that could divert our focus away from building a strong, stable company with the best technology and functionality in the market.

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Spiramid, LLC is headquartered in Chantilly, Virginia with an R&D office in Houston, Texas.

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Spiramid is a uniquely staffed EHS software company. We have exceptionally qualified EHS Professionals that have extensive training and experience with technology. Additionally, each of our Technology Professionals have years of experience with enterprise EHS applications and have been trained to know and appreciate the complexities of managing EHS data across an enterprise.

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Each client requires a unique level of implementation support. These can be classified into three categories: RAPID, IEEE and Hybrid. Whatever method is used, we can apply our implementation tool set to ensure we meet the three objectives critical for your success: maximization of business value, accelerate roll out schedule, and minimize risk!

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