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AIHce was fantastic!

We enjoyed seeing everyone at AIHce in Indianpolis! We had a wonderful time seeing our old clients and meeting new people.  What a nice set up they had with the convention center being connected to the hotels.  Looking forward to Montreal in 2013, hope to see you there!

Remember that New Year’s Resolution about exercising?

Oh yea,  I remember now I was going to start exercising!  that is exactly what I thought as I was reading an article in Circulation today while I was in a waiting room, Lee and colleagues found that people who engaged in 15 minutes a day of moderate physical activity had a 14 percent lower risk of heart disease compared with inactive people.  Well no time like the present to start back up on the exercise routine, right?.  I will be writing an ‘evergreen’ article (that is what we call a document that is always being updated when we find neat stuff to add to it) about Iphone apps that will make exercise more fun.  I won’t be just looking up ‘exercise’ in the ITunes app store and copying what ever I see.  I will look for good ones that really give you some benefit. After all, if you don’t get anything out of it, who is going to use it.  My first pick is: Nike+. It is the most popular running app on ITunes.  It has a new update in case you have an old version of it.  You can map your runs (with a color coded route follower based on your speed).  Set goals and it helps motivate you with cheering crowds and a little voice that tells you how far you have gone.  No more sensor in the shoe needed!  Good luck with doing atleast 15 minutes a day!

Get NIOSH’s Guide for Safe Operations with Nanotechnology

NIOSH has published their “Approaches to Safe Nanotechnology” paper online for free.  You can get a copy of it be clicking HERE.

Spiramid’s SHE-MIS application has qualitative exposure assessment strategies for nanotechnology risks and functions available to store quantitative data.  For more information on our application and nanotechnology, please contact us at

Planning to go to AIHce in Indy?

Are you going to the AIHce show in Indianapolis?  If so please stop by and see us in booth 1015.  Let us show you how Spiramid’s SHE-MIS software can help you!

Keeping an eye on your child…from a distance

There’s a fine line between giving kids independence and being oblivious to what they’re up to. Here’s how to find that balance and keep your children from getting into trouble online, without unduly encroaching on their individual privacy.  Read the following article I found in PC World that will help you know what your children are doing when you can’t be with them this summer. Click HERE

AIHce 2012 Mobile App

There is a new AIHce 2012 Mobile App, now available on your iPhone, iPad, Android or Blackberry! Create and manage your schedule, view detailed session and exhibitor listings, and stay informed about the latest AIHce happenings — all from the convenience of your mobile device. Easily network with other attendees by completing the Contacts screen. Don’t worry, your information is only accessible to those you have shared it with.

Watch out when working in this hot weather

With the high temperatures and humidity where I am at already reaching the high 90’s, thought a reminder about working out in the heat would be appropriate.  Please see the intro below form the OSHA site on working in hot weather and the heat index, to see the complete article click here.

Outdoor workers who are exposed to hot and humid conditions are at risk of heat-related illness. The risk of heat-related illness becomes greater as the weather gets hotter and more humid. This situation is particularly serious when hot weather arrives suddenly early in the season, before workers have had a chance to adapt to warm weather.

For people working outdoors in hot weather, both air temperature and humidity affect how hot they feel. The “heat index” is a single value that takes both temperature and humidity into account. The higher the heat index, the hotter the weather feels, since sweat does not readily evaporate and cool the skin. The heat index is a better measure than air temperature alone for estimating the risk to workers from environmental heat sources.

12 boating tips for 12 weeks of summer on the water

The US Coast Guard has an article on their blog the “Coast Guard Compass” that provides 12 tips to highlight the importance of safe boating throughout the 12 weeks of summer. I thought it would be a a good thing to checkout, so many of us are getting ready to (or already have) gone out on their boats for a fun afternoon.  Don’t forget your safety checklists!  Having something go wrong that could have been prevented or getting a citation from the Coast Guard can easily spoil your day!  Check out the article here.