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Spiramid and NJVC Providing Unmatched Security and Performance to EHS Software Market

Spiramid has completed a partnership with NJVC to provide the most secured EHS Software on the market.  With NJVC’s history of providing services to the intelligence community for the US Federal Government and DoD, we feel confident they will provide unmatched security and performance for our clients.

Under the terms of the agreement, NJVC will be the preferred distributor of Spiramid solutions to both the U.S. government and commercial markets. Spiramid currently provides EHS software solutions in 46 languages in more than 60 countries around the world.

This the second strategic partnership NJVC has formed under its new SaaS Accelerate program. Through the program, NJVC is providing Spiramid and other customers seeking SaaS-enabled capabilities with advanced data center hosting and managed services, along with marketing, sales tools and solution engineering support to increase visibility in their respective marketplaces.

“NJVC and Spiramid have a great synergy,” said Jody Tedesco, NJVC president. “This one-of-a- kind subscription-based offering provides a market space to manage our customer’s environmental, health and safety information in a secured environment. NJVC looks forward to helping this innovative company establish a presence in the U.S. government market and expand its footprint in the energy and healthcare business verticals.”

Spiramid’s cornerstone product, SHE-MIS, is a Web-based system used by the federal government and Fortune 500 corporations to collect and store confidential EHS data. SHE-MIS helps streamline EHS work processes by removing issues with cataloging, characterization and retrieval of data and ensuring compliancy with the latest EHS directives and requirements.

“Spiramid clients require a hyper-secure data center, given the sensitivity of the environment, health and safety information the company houses for them,” said David Risi, CIH, CSP, Spiramid principal. “By partnering with NJVC and storing our customers’ information in NJVC’s highly secure data center space in Richmond, VA, Spiramid clients can rest assure their confidential data remains safe and secure.”

Cool EHS Apps!

Here is an updated link to an evergreen document that we keep here at Spiramid.  It is a list of applications that are available for Iphones, Ipads or Android devices.  The apps have been grouped in to EH&S, Health, IH and Safety related items.  I have just added to the Health group two items that deal with finding healthier resturant / fast food options when out and about during your busy day. And another about which fruits are in season and help in finding a farmer’s market.  I hope they and the ones that are already on the list help you out.  My favorites that are on the list include the one that notifies you about lightning strikes in your area and the lone worker app that calls a contact for you if you don’t acknowledge notifications at predefined intervals.  Click HERE for the document!