Health and Safety Assessment of Your Firm Made Simple with Spiramind Services

Safety and health of the employee are the key elements of running a business successfully. If your employee is fit, and feels psychologically safe when he is working in the company, will perform well and help in the overall growth of the firm. Thus, take help of the health and safety assessment to monitor the quality of their performance, and spot reasons of failing, if any. Besides helping in the physical environment, this software helps in maintaining a productive environment for work.

Team Spiramind efficiently developes industrial health and safety assessment software and promotes in the market. After developing the software is perfected by the professional team of CIHs and His.

The software hygienic program includes;

  • Complete exposure towards qualitative assessment

  • Managing sample information from IH

  • Chemical & Physical Stressor Data Management

  • Effortless Management of technical equipments

The exposure assessment program is developed to suit all AIHA’s demand. It functions specifically towards meeting the company specific demands of HSE’s COSHH. We customize our services to fulfil your demand about assessing the quality of the task.

Our system is flexible in approach and quickly modified as per your expectation. Thus, enjoy both short term or long term benefits of investing in health and safety assessment software. With the help of the IH Sample Data Management component you can easily store samples of industrial hygiene. The ability of the software is not limited to data management. Instead you can use it to store an uncountable amount of records of both personal and chemical samples if and when needed.

The interfaces we have developed suits all leading IH laboratories. In short these quickly matches the system of other laboratories in the area and you can share data. Work on different or the same projects if and when needed. When other researchers are using this software they will automatically give input and improve the quality of the information. Forget the hardships of managing every information manually on the paper. Now, you can efficiently manage, monitor or edit data on the electronic software. The electronic data management system has not only simplified the data management system. It has further perfected information available in the document. You can completely trust the authenticity of the data as it is maintained by the electronic system.

You can clearly monitor the quality of the chemical and physical stressor information with health and safety assessment program. Here it records the product cycle in minute detail. Every chemical or physical movement is recorded clearly in the system.

With the help of the apparatus management system you can perfectly manage all records from from a centralized system. The software help in tracking details about loans, inspection conducted, reports and repairs conducted with that particular equipment. Thus, monitor the wear and tear of the equipment is made easy with the help of the management software.

The software is not steeply priced. Hence, you can get the software at an affordable rate from the site. So, invest in quality management system and earn profit.