Poor Indoor Air Quality And OHS Safety

Wherever you may work, air quality is important and is something that is often neglected. Poor indoor air
quality can affect your staff’s performance and this is one reason why it should be top priority for employers
to ensure it is looked into.

One major OHS safety requirement for indoor air quality is poor ventilation in the office. There may be
chemicals floating around in your workplace that you may not even be aware of. Certain gas heaters which are
not well-serviced may introduce more pollutants into your working environment.

OHS Safety includes all the machines you may be working around in your office. If you are working near a photocopy machine for example, toner dust may cause problems for you. The same goes if you work near inkjet printers. Toner dust can cause problems you may not even be aware of.

Simple items like highlighters and markers can cause problems for sensitive people because of the vapours they
emit. Vapours from kitchen cleaners can also be dangerous when used over a long period of time without any
protection. Masks should be used to cover the nose and mouth area. The same goes for people who are in the
renovation industry; working with paints, solvents and dust on a daily basis can’t be good for anyone.

Ventilation at the workplace is very important. You will find many problems with the health of employees when
poor ventilation can result in illnesses because of the lack of oxygen in the air.

It is the responsibility of the employer to educate employees on potential health risks. Training should be
provided on the safe storage of chemicals and the handling of chemical spills. Proper vents should be created
so that unhealthy and polluted air gets out of the workplace and is replaced with fresh air.

OHS is a very important part of the workplace and it is essential to follow the guidelines provided.