Remember that New Year’s Resolution about exercising?

Oh yea, I remember now I was going to start exercising! that is exactly what I thought as I was reading an article in Circulation today while I was in a waiting room, Lee and colleagues found that people who engaged in 15 minutes a day of moderate physical activity had a 14 percent lower risk of heart disease compared with inactive people. Well no time like the present to start back up on the exercise routine, right?. I will be writing an ‘evergreen’ article (that is what we call a document that is always being updated when we find neat stuff to add to it) about Iphone apps that will make exercise more fun. I won’t be just looking up ‘exercise’ in the ITunes app store and copying what ever I see. I will look for good ones that really give you some benefit. After all, if you don’t get anything out of it, who is going to use it. My first pick is: Nike+. It is the most popular running app on ITunes. It has a new update in case you have an old version of it. You can map your runs (with a color coded route follower based on your speed). Set goals and it helps motivate you with cheering crowds and a little voice that tells you how far you have gone. No more sensor in the shoe needed! Good luck with doing atleast 15 minutes a day!