EHS Software

Spiramid’s Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Software

Spiramid is the trusted, tried and true method for implementing EHS software into your business. When it comes to health and safety of your employees and company, your EHS software should provide you with every important applicable feature that state of the art technology can offer. Our Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) software is compatible with any device and readily able to provide you with everything you need in a collecting and management system: environmental, industrial hygiene, safety information and occupational health software enable you to keep track of what’s important to your business easily and affordably. Overall our modular EHS software is best in functionality, adaptability, integration, and customization at every level and use. The easy-to-use platform offers disability management, incident tracking, medical reporting, data exchange, risk management software, environmental compliance, and much more.

EHS Software Capabilities

Our Safety, Health and Environmental Management Information System (SHE-MIS) is implementable in any industry who goal is to have the most dependable in EHS software capabilities. Covering a wide array of industries and applications no other EHS software can compare to the versatility, functionality, and dependability that Spiramid offers. The history of our EHS software system goes back to 1996 as the first enterprise applications built. Since then, Spiramid has migrated the EHS software application to a web based application that serves users in over 60 countries and we are continuing to be at the cutting edge by adding new features and looking for the best technologies to ensure we offer our clients the best solution on the market.

Spiramid Goes Beyond Any Average Occupational Health Software

Here at Spiramid, we are dedicated to bringing the best EHS software system on the market. We do so by continuing to improve our software systems to ensure that every feature that your industry needs in order to stay on top of your competitors. With Spiramid’s EHS software, we take the worry out of your hands by offering the best most versatile software on the market. Some of the industries that Spiramid supports are: Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Chemical, Pharmaceutical/Life Sciences, Forestry Products, High Tech, Energy Services, Government Contractors, and some Government sectors. Spiramid supports so many wide-ranging industries for a reason; we offer the best functioning occupational health software that can be implemented any where because of its versatility.

When implementing any EHS standard in the work place, its important to find the right occupational health software that will help you maintain that standard, at no cost to you. What Spiramid offers is an industry stand in EHS software implementation, management, and analysis.  You’ll be capable of maintaining regulations, either standard or self imposed, keeping your employees, investment, and your company safe and prosperous. So choose an industry leader in EHS software, because your business is our concern.