Deployment Methods to Meet Your Budget and Requirements

Spiramid professionals have been successfully implementing software since 1996. Each client requires a unique level of implementation support. These can be classified into three categories: RAPID, IEEE and Hybrid. Whatever method is used, we can apply our implementation tool set to ensure we meet the three objectives critical for your success:

  •   Maximize of business value
  •   Accelerate roll-out schedule
  •   Minimize risk

Rapid Implementation Methodology

Spiramid’s RIM offers a quick-to-pilot model. With RIM, a significant amount of the basic configuration is addressed remotely through the use of web conferences, conference calls and MS Excel spreadsheets. The goal with RIM is to get the initial configuration up and running quickly, with less expense with the intent to fine-tune the configuration in a pilot project before complete deployment.

IEEE Standard Methodology

Several of our clients have required that we follow their internal standards and ensure the implementation process follows the IEEE standard. Our tools fit nicely within this methodology and actually reduce the amount of documentation required, resulting in a more streamlined implementation, while gaining the approval of your IT Department.

Hybrid Methodology

Most implementations fit within our Hybrid methodology. Spiramid’s implementation team and partners will work within your company’s requirements for implementation or will design the most efficient and effective method that fits your requirement and resources.

Whatever methodology is right for your business, we will work close with your IT and EHS staff to ensure we deliver an unmatched return on investment (ROI).