Incident Tracking Software

Spiramid provides the most complete Incident Management software available on the market. Our application has continuously improved on by a staff of CSPs and Safety Professionals from our User Community since 1996. The major components of the Incident Management module include:

  •   Incident Tracking
  •   Notifications
  •   Investigation
  •   Action Tracking
  •   Reporting

Incident Tracking

The Incident Tracking component is designed address virtually any type of incident, including but NOT limited to:

  •   Injury/Illness
  •   Environmental Release
  •   Motor Vehicle Accidents
  •   Near Miss/Near Hit
  •   Property Damage
  •   Equipment Damage
  •   Security Incident
  •   Theft/Burglary

We provide several options to collect the incident information. You can choose to use our Incident Wizard offering a simple, data-driven screen for the “plant-floor” or “field” users or a more detailed Incident Log form for supervisors and safety professionals.


Our system allows you to track both internal and external notifications may need to be made to individuals and regulatory agencies. This is provided through:

  •   Automatic email notifications when an incident is logged and verified.
  •   Manual tracking of notifications to external sources (regulatory agencies, etc.)


Each incident can be investigated to identify and track the following:

  •   Root cause
  •   Investigation process
  •   Investigation team
  •   Findings, corrective measures and the responsible persons to complete the items.

Action Item Tracking

Whether the Action Item was generated from the incident or another module in the application, each user can track their findings through closure. Additionally management can the status of the track the action items for their locations.