Integrated Disability

The Disability Management module is designed to reduce the amount of data entry required to manage a person’s disability management case. Because SHE-MIS is an Integrated System we are able to have incident data and non-private medical data automatically linked to each case. Additionally, Case Managers can be provided security to manage the loss time and cost tracking.

The collaborative entry of data eliminates the double entry of data, resulting in a streamlined return to work program and overall Case Management processes.

Key features of the module include:

  •   Job Demand Analysis
  •   Treatment Plans
  •   Diaries
  •   Questionnaires
  •   Contact Management
  •   Work Restrictions and Recommendations
  •   Cost Tracking

This information facilitates tracking and management of occupational and non-occupational absences. Details on some of the above items are:

Job Demand Analysis – Spiramid lets you list the physical demands of the person’s job and track the patients’ progress toward reaching the goal of back to work.

Treatment Plans – Our application lets you track multiple treatment plans for a patient.

Diaries – The IDM module lets you keep up with notes from multiple providers in one area.

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