Software Sustainability

What is Software Sustainability?

This essentially means:  Buy your software today and we will support you and your data through future software technology changes.

All of us have purchased software that became obsolete.

You went through the software selection, purchased the software, completed the implementation and learned how to use it.  After a couple years of use, you have entered a lot of data in the system and were able to generate your reports.

… and then it happens.  The technology becomes obsolete and the company that built the software is either out of business or has a “new and exciting” software version.  The only problem is the new software is truly a new system and your data is not automatically migrated.  You are forced to buy the new license (at a discount if you are “valued client”) and start the process all over and migrate your own data or pay the vendor to do it for you.

We, at Spiramid, think this is an unfair practice.

How is Spiramid Different?

Simply stated:  Spiramid supports you through changes in technology and we don’t charge you extra for it!

Our goal is to have clients purchase our software ONCE and simply receive upgrades that support them as technology changes.

We have successfully moved our clients from the client/server technology to the web-based technologies and will continue this as technology changes.

What are the Benefits of Software Sustainability?

  1. Huge costs savings.  As technology changes, you will not need to purchase new licenses, migrate your data, build new interfaces or any other costly task associated with a new application.
  2. Time Savings.  Your IT or our hosting team simply applies an upgrade package to your system.  You and your team can stay focused on your core business of providing EHS support to your company.  Far too many systems require EHS professionals to become IT/software resources.  Our system is simple to maintain and frees you up to do your job.
  3. Doesn’t Require Capital Expenditure.  Since this is an upgrade to your existing software, you will not need to develop a new project, get approval for capital expenditure, form a team, etc.  It’s just an upgrade!

The result is our clients have the highest ROI available in the EHS software market.