Audits and Assessments

Spiramid built the Audits & Assessments module to ensure corporations can conduct and track any type of audit, inspection or assessment, such as:

  •   Facility and Corporate Audits
  •   Safety Observations
  •   Hazard Observations
  •   Job Hazard Analysis
  •   Equipment Inspections
  •   Ergonomic Assessments
  •   Lab Hood Surveys
  •   And more …


Template & Questionnaire Generator

SHE-MIS allows user-built questionnaires to be used to establish templates for audits and assessments. This improves the data consistency and minimizes data entry time. Key features include:

  •   Define your own questionnaires
  •   Define question responses to be Boolean, multiple choice or free text
  •   Assign qualifiers or ratings to each question response
  •   Combine any number of questionnaires into a audit/assessment template


Action Item Tracking

The Audits & Assessments module permits the tracking of all action items through completion. The system permits centralized recordkeeping for all action items within a location, business unit of for the entire Corporation. Key features include:

  •   Assign each action item to an individual or group
  •   Track Percent Complete
  •   Track the Scheduled and Actual Start & Completion Dates for each action item
  •   Track the costs for each Action Item



The system assists in planning and scheduling audits and assessments. Each audit or assessment can be scheduled for specific sites or operation facilities.