The Core module is the heart of the SHE-MIS application. The features of the Core module build the backbone of our enterprise application by providing the following:

  •   System Security
  •   Organization Layout
  •   Process Flow Design
  •   Shared Services

System Security

SHE-MIS provides the state-of-the-art enterprise data and access security that allows you to configure the appropriate level of security required for your organization.

Organization Layout

Human Resource and other ERP data can be readily interfaced with the Core module. This data is then used throughout the application, providing data integrity and consistency.

Process Flow Design

SHE-MIS enables you to build in your process flows required to support your EHS processes and provide additional security measures.

Shared Services

SHE-MIS eliminates the duplicate of entry for all of the data through the system by the use of Shared Services. Picklist items, personnel, organizational structures and others are entered into the system and shared in each of the modules, screens and reports.

Corporations use SHE-MIS to comply with governmental regulations in over 40 countries.