EHS Program

Spiramid: EHS Program Explained

Today, no one can ignore the importance of being environmentally conscious in our society, where studies and incidences are constantly notifying us of our impact on the environment around us. An EHS Program, as Spiramid understands, exist to implement important working sanctions that would help improve not only the health and safety of the environment in which it is located, but the overall well being of that companies workforce. What actually goes on in an effective EHS Program is the compliance with any environmental regulations that are imposed in certain areas, management of companies waste, and the overall reduction of the company’s carbon footprint.

How does Spiramid Support an EHS Program?

Spiramid provides an integrated software solution for any implementation of an EHS program. Our solution is the “Safety, Health Environmental Management Information System (SHE-MIS). By using the EHS software, an EHS manager can impute EHS data and over long periods of time be able to tell trends, risk analysis, and data mine by utilizing EHS software reporting tools. Any implementation of changes compiled by the EHS software will be able to play a large roll in compliance, minimization of risk, as well as savings for business using EHS software. The EHS software is broken down into modules that can be purchased as a whole, or separately as needed. The table below provides a comprehensive list of all the common EHS programs and their corresponding modules in our EHS software.

Benefits of Implementing EHS Program

The overall benefits of acquiring an EHS program for your company are insurmountable; you’d be making an investment in not only the safety and health of you employees and the environment, but also into the future, and quality of you business. An EHS program is in no way a drain on your resources, especially given the efficiency and functionality of Spiramid software capabilities. You’d be taking your business into the future of more environmentally friendly, health and safety conscious business choices. With a centralized EHS program in place, and Spiramid software to back you up by helping to store, maintain, access and analyze your data, your business can thrive and so can your employees, and our environment.