Occupational Health and Safety

What does Occupational Health and Safety entail?

Occupational safety and health (OSH) also commonly referred to as occupational health and safety (OHS) or workplace health and safety (WHS) are specially designated names for programs designated to protecting the safety, health and welfare of employees. By ensuring the employee feels safe in their working environment, the hope is to foster a safe and healthy relationship between the employee and business leading not only to benefits in overall satisfaction, but contributing to the success of the business as well; these sentiments not only affect the business and the primary individuals involved such as co-workers, employers, and customers, but also secondary such as family and any others affected by the working environment.

How Can Spiramid Help?

There are repercussions for not following OSH guidelines in ensuring the health and well being of employees: some of those being financial, legal, and above all moral. As a business your tasked with not only delivering your quality product or service, but in recording and marinating good records of your practices of OSH. That’s where Spiramid can offer you our extraordinary assistance. We offer comprehensive bundles of software that are guaranteed to ensure that you are able to follow whatever guidelines are mandated by your fields governing bodies.

Our systems can help to:

  • Protect employee’s lives and health
  • Prevent compensatory effects
  • Provide records for further analysis
  • Improve overall environment of work place
  • Reduce employee injury and illness related costs: medical care, sick leave, disability benefit costs.

Efficient Use of your Time and Money

No only can Spiramids software options ensure that you are following proper protocol when it comes to maintaining the health and safety of your staff, but we can also help in ensuring that your are making efficient use of your time, and money. We know that the end goal of every business is to be successful, and we help by ensuring that your time is spent on the important matters, letting you know when you need to be active and participating in any health and safety related concerns. No more tiresome paper work that can get misplaced, or lost; no more miscommunication; and no more lost time trying to figure out records or analysis.

Spiramid can offer you software that can help you records and maintain a smoothly running working environment, which is ensuring the safety and health of your employees.  We’ve tailored our software to offer our customers the very bust that is on the market. Safety, security and efficiency are what we offer here at Spiramid, all catered to following Occupational safety and health.

Spiramid’s take on OHS Safety

The implementation of OHS may seem like a difficult prospect for your business to handle; every member of you organization must be accounted for and made to feel that they are working in the safest environment imaginable. Well Spiramid offers a wide variety of software systems that are easily integratable into your working systems and which will allow you to become OHS safety compliant easily. In no way should you risk the health and safety of your employees, and you shouldn’t have to go broke because you’re stuck buying multiple system from different competitors to do it. Spiramid’s OHS safety standards are right in line with yours, which is why we offer the best product on the market for a variety of industries.

You’ll be able to count on Spiramid to provide you with the best OHS safety software on the market because of our dedication to innovation and the efficiency of our product. Spiramid has been in the EHS software business since 1996, when it had one of the first enterprise applications built. Today, Spiramid offers a wide variety of EHS application software’s, ranging over a wide variety of industries, improving not only their health and safety concerns, but their quality as well. We strive to give our clients the best that technology can offer, so we are constantly finding ways to improve systems and make our product better for our clients.

Benefits of Implementing OHS Safety

Whatever your industry, the benefits provided by a proven system like those at Spiramid are insurmountable. By browsing our product list you can discover the possibilities of implementing an efficient system of data recording, management and analysis. The safety and health of you employees should not be jeopardized, but neither should your business. That is why at Spiramid, we see your investment in our systems towards OHS safety as an investment into your overall business; improving the OHS safety of your work environment, ensuring the health and happiness of your employees, and improving the overall quality of your business. An easily integratable system that will improve the functionality of your business awaits, here at Spiramid.