Substance Abuse

The Substance Abuse module is designed to manage your program in an efficient and cost effective manner. It decreases the administrative burden of your drug and alcohol testing program while providing a template for accepted industry practices and federal testing guidelines to improve data consistency and minimize the time spent entering and management data.

The major components of the Substance Abuse module include:

  •   Pool Assignment Engine
  •   Random Selection Engine
  •   Scheduling
  •   Test Panel Result Tracking

Pool Assignment Engine

The Substance Abuse module utilizes user-defined criteria to automatically select and remove personnel form testing pools.

  •   Complete histories are tracked
  •   Pools are generated for individuals or for a site/location
  •   Pools can consist of employees, contractors, labor unions, etc.

Random Selection Engine

The application uses approved methodology to randomly select individuals for testing. The percentage to be selected is automatically adjusted as required by a change in pool size. Whatever the regulations or company policies are, SHE-MIS can be configured to meet your needs.


This system has been designed to automate the schedualing process, saving valuable time and resources. Schedules can be set for a group or an individual. The dates can be assigned or randomly selected.

Test Panel Result Tracking

Any test panel can be set up in the application, regardless of regulation, internal standard or other requirements. Key features include:

  •   All results remain with the individual’s testing history
  •   Tests can be associated with Incidents (Just Cause Testing)
  •   Track reasons why the test was not performed
  •   Complete chain of custody and review documentation
  •   MRO reviews can be documented.