Industries Supported

Square pegs do not fit into round holes.

Most EHS applications in the market have started as a custom application for a specific client in a specific market. While some changes occur over time, the base of the application simply does not provide enough configurability to meet the needs of your industry, let alone your company’s specific needs.

How is Spiramid’s SHE-MIS Application Different?

Oracle ensured their Health & Safety application was built on a solid foundation to address a wide range of markets and needs. Since 1996, we have been successful to continue to ensure it meets the needs of our clients and global markets.

Some of the markets we are active in include:

  •   Oil & Gas
  •   Manufacturing
  •   Chemical
  •   Pharmaceutical/Life Sciences
  •   Forestry Products
  •   High Tech
  •   Energy Services
  •   Government Contractors
  •   Government